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Say but don't say game for kids

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  • Recommended age: 6 years and over.

  • Number of players: 4 players and more.

  • Supported languages: Arabic.

Game contents:

160 playing cards, bump cards, bell, notebook, hourglass, instructions.

Game idea:

  • You explain the required word (at the top of the card) without not saying

Any of the words on the card.

  • speed is required; In order to win, you must explain the number of cards in the game

Just one minute!

  • Example: the required word "junior"

You must describe “young” to your team without saying (children, shepherds, children, children) or

You will lose your team.

  • You can say people in every family are 6 years old!

If they know her, move to the card after him, and so on until your turn is over

(At the end of the minute).

((There is a card that explains to you how to play, don't distract them))

13.97 USD
One comment

ليلى ابراهيم

4 months ago

المفروض يجي معها جرس ، وصلتني ناقصة وتواصلت ع حساب المتجر في الانستا ولا أحد رد علي .

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