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The unique e-book for children's education

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Why do you need this product for your child?

Our children have become more bored when learning by traditional methods, and this makes your child not learn important basics, and this foundation may make a big difference to him if he does not learn it. That is why this product helps your child learn the basics such as Arabic and English letters in an entertaining, easy and very simple way!

What are the advantages of the product?


1- In Arabic

2- In English

3- Pronunciation of the book when touching the page

4- It has 13 pages that contain

A - Alphabets in Arabic and English

b- archiving


-Geometric shapes


D- traffic

Y-Learn the steps of prayer

Q-Learn to perform ablution

R-Learning to worship and supplications

I-Learn about the names of the prophets

5- There is a drawing board with a eraser pen

6- It is done with shipping

40.37 USD
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