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House of Hanshal game

12.42 USD

Game description:

Is there someone from your home or friends who borrows your belongings and personal belongings without permission? These are the henshel.

Bait Al Hanshal is a war game of stealing money and personal belongings, where the game is won by the one who collects the most valuable and most expensive collectibles, gold and money.

Game contents:

  • The game consists of 170 cards.
  • Story cards, action, protection, punishment, prizes.
  • The number of players from 4 - 8 players.

the way of playing:

  • Separate the penalty cards from the rest of the cards and keep them aside.
  • Distribute to each player 8 cards from the rest of the cards without penalty cards.
  • Mix the penalty cards with the rest of the cards and make them cards for drawing.
  • The movement of the game goes counterclockwise and each player is allowed, if the turn is right, to draw a card, then he has only 3 moves.
  • Each player must download prize cards, protection and stories in his arena, or steal prizes and stories from the rest of the players.
  • Or he protects himself from theft or punishment or uses any action for his benefit or against the rest of the players.
  • The game ends when the cards are out of the first player's hand.
  • The player who collects the largest and most valuable prizes wins the game.

12.42 USD
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