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fun words

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A special product in Arabic that can be hung and moved

The game uses dicing strategy or cube tasks

The game begins after reading the text and extracting new words from it, then the teacher or teacher chooses a word from it and writes or comments it in a prominent place in the class

The learner goes out to roll the dice and the number that appears on it

The required task is applied to the board, then another learner comes out to roll the dice again for the same word and performs the existing task

It is preferable to repeat the process for one word three times

Then another word is chosen to prevent boredom and reduce the possibility of repeating tasks..

note :

Formulate the phrases in the painting in the first person form, not in the imperative form

Product Ingredients:

  • product description sheet
  • A3 heat-coated paper for game steps
  • Title plate
  • squishy dice

Target group:

  • mixed
  • Primary stage

15.53 USD
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