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pistachio theory book

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The book "Pistachio Theory" is one of the creations of the Saudi writer "Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi." He has a disciplined behavior towards his future and his behavior as a civilized person towards the surrounding environment in order to bring him the desired benefit.

The book includes many topics, and it is about ways of thinking, behavior and judging things, and it is a purely self-development book.

The book was formulated to open the way for the reader to be interactive with the writer’s style, not just a recipient who teaches things that its author claims to be true only, and therefore everyone who reads the book comes out with the habit of penetrating into the topics to live himself and put him in them as if it opens doors from the worlds of fertile imagination that can be turned into reality Absolute and this goal has already been achieved, after completing the matter by telling some important stories that affect the lives of successful people in order to be an incentive for the reader to take them as an example for his life.

It is one of the most important human development books in the modern era, in which the writer is not only satisfied with telling the stories of successful people in an interesting way, but has moved to another level of the process in application by putting some fruitful exercises in writing, research, planning and how to schedule daily matters or long-term goals.

10.87 USD
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