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Organizer Classroom Bag - Arabic Girls

31.05 USD

A product is an integrated bag for an organized class that contains class rules that should be hung in a prominent place in the class. It also contains permission cards with plastic clips and contains cards for positive guidance such as (I arrive early every morning) and it is placed for the student who is late in the morning and the student who Do not listen to the teacher during the explanation, a card is placed for her (listen to my teacher attentively), and thus the teacher achieves several goals. The first is that the student will avoid placing the card by avoiding the error contained in it, and this is what is required, but at the same time it is a positive statement. The bag also contains cards for distributing responsibilities and It contains an assistant card for the teacher to teach the student to take responsibility. It is available for girls, boys and mixed classes..

Product Ingredients:

  • Product explanation sheet
  • 5 Row A4 Thermal Laminated Banners
  • 3 distribution cards for classroom tasks (cleaning and arranging / books and tools / organizing and queuing)
  • 2 clip permission cards
  • 8 cards for positive guidance
  • 1 teacher assistant card

Target group:

  • Girls, boys or mixed
  • Primary

31.05 USD
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